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L.A Therapy
Brand Identity Web Design Graphic Design

Project Overview

L.A Therapy provides a wide range of pain relief and relaxation treatments carried out by an accredited and experienced therapist.

The Project

Research: This project consists of a site where customers would learn more about L.A Therapy bespoke treatments, browse through informative pages related to the services and the business, on the other side our client is able to access the site admin section created to allow easy management of their clients, services and page content.

Brand Identity: We researched aspects of the business which brings a close approach to the design we chosen, the business has a strong relation to muscle anatomy, this area of physio treatment is often recognised by showing the human body muscles. We compared colours that would best allow the identification of the brand and image usage based on the human muscle anatomy and skin colours that contrast with the layout.

Prototyping: We thought that L.A therapy will grow rapidly and they would require a system that could provide easy scalability and provide a modern approach to customer treatment.


Functionality and Technologies

*ECMAScript 6/5, MongoDB, Node.js, Express, React, React Router, Webpack, Babel, Axios, Atlas, JWT, Lets Encrypt, Nodemailer, Twilio, Foundation 6.5, jQuery, Liguid.js.

The overall structure of the site design is built using Foundation 6.5 for responsive layouts together with a custom supportive Saas framework developed by EFX to back up layout enhancements and browser default behaviour.

The brain of this project is Node.js, this piece of technology has open a new wide horizon full of capabilities together with React.js.